marjorie agosin

Writing Helped Me Battle Against Racism and Adversity: Marjorie Agosin

Writing to gain a sense of identity

Marjorie Agosin is an accomplished writer from Chile and professor at Wellesley College. She is best known for her book, I Lived on A Butterfly Hill, and her recent poetry collection, Secrets in the the Sand: The Young Women of Juárez. As a young girl, she was bullied for her accent and battled against racism throughout her life. She, however, was able to find her solace through writing beautiful poetry. 

marjorie agosin 

In this interview, we chat about Marjorie’s childhood, how she started writing at only the age of 17, and her philosophies in life.



Quote of the Day

A creative life blossoms from dreaming to doing. Unknown

3 Lessons from Interview

  1. How she dealt with racism as a young teenage girl

  2. The creative process behind her writing and poetry

  3. Her philosophy on teaching and how she tries to teach empathy to her students

Featured Book

Fugitive Pieces by Anne Michaels 

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Getting to Know Marjorie Agosin

What is a helpful resource for you?

Marjorie Agosin highly recommends checking out Richard Mollica’s manifesto on his work with people that suffer trauma called “How To Heal in A Violent World” .

Who is a helpful person that helped you on your journey?

Her father, who passed away, always believed in Marjorie and encouraged 8 year old Marjorie to be a poet and be creative. He was a great mentor for Marjorie.

What is your purpose on this planet?

She believes her purpose is to do good, to make this amazing planet a little bit better, to write, and to have joy in her life.

How to connect with Fred?

You can find her works on Amazon.

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