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Tim Kight is the Chief Executive Officer of Focus 3, which focuses on helping organizations align the power of leaders culture and behavior to achieve results. He has worked closely with leaders like Urban Meyer of Ohio State University to maximize their results.

In this interview, we discuss the secret to creating great leaders, his biggest obstacle in starting his business, and how he helps athletes reach their potential  — all while he travels on the road.

Below is a summary of our interview:


“What you achieve in life and what you get in life is not the result of what you want, it’s a result of who you are and what you choose to do.”

His Journey

Tim was born in Columbus, Ohio. He attended Ohio State university on a track and field scholarship. He transferred to UCLA, and taught in southern California, then went off to Graduate school in Princeton; went to graduate school in Chicago and came back to southern California. Eventually, Tim started his own business. His consulting company, Focus3, focuses on helping organizations align the power of leaders culture and behavior to achieve results. He’s been doing that for 30 years and has been his passion.

Low Point

His obstacle has been getting access to decision makers. His ability to sell an idea and deliver a great presentation is key, but if he doesn’t have enough clients to pay all the bills, he began to question his own skills– “Am I good enough?”, “Is it me?” and the self-doubt creeps in.

Aha Moment

As soon as the company starts to change and go through the process of growth, it’s incredibly fulfilling to Tim.

Tim’s work now  

Tim is the man creating leaders. And leaders create culture, culture drives behavior, and behavior produces results. Leadership, culture and behavior determine how well a strategy is implemented.

Event + Response = Outcome. Tim is documenting how consistently successful people respond. He believes real change is real hard. It’s easy to change a process, it’s not easy to change people. Tim gives people the tools to change, and equips people with the skills and coach them along the way as they face obstacles. Installing leadership is the main focus of Tim’s work.

What’s exciting Tim 

Leadership is the most critical thing. About 900 foreman went through a training course and they changed the culture of the company and each crew. When leadership and culture changes, when behavior changes, results change…it’s awesome!

Lightning Round

Book Tim Recommends:

The Rise of Superman

Helpful Habit:

Reading voraciously.

Helpful Person:

The head coach of Ohio State University’s football team who is avery effective leader.

Internet Resource:

It’s Google. It sounds silly, but he can get anything there.

What’s Your Purpose:

His purpose is to help people, teams and organizations achieve at the next level, make break throughs and build the skills that leadership calls for.

Where to follow Tim and Parting Words

Follow @TimothyKight


There’s two ways to live your life, there’s two ways to go about anything. Above the line and below the line. All the best stuff in life happens above the line.

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