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Monica RW

Interview: How Monica RW Became the Host of Independent Underground – A Successful Political Podcast Show

Monica RW was a Ms. Corporate for a long time. But then she came across a difficult point in her life where she started to question the corporate American and lost three of the most beloved people in her life within four months. With the increasing frustration and anger, she began looking for somewhere to vent and came across podcast. Today, Monica is the host of a top-rated, independent, political podcast radio show – Independent Underground Radio Live.

Quote of the Day

Success seems to be connected with (3)


3 Lessons from Interview

  1. How the world of podcast has the ability to reach so many audience and share a wealth of knowledge

  2. Why she thinks the education system has become a business as opposed to people’s rights

  3. How to overcome some of the challenges of podcast radio show


Featured Book

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou

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Getting to Know Monica RW

What is a Helpful Habit?

Be everywhere, but be everywhere where you are needed

What is a Helpful Resource for You?

Libsyn – It feeds out to a great number of RSS feeds

Who is a Helpful Person that Helped You on Your Journey?

Monica’s father – Taught her that no one can take your education away

What is Your Purpose on this Planet?

To give knowledge to others in a way that will make others always question and reevaluate knowledge

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One More Thing

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