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Madeline Puckette

Madeline Puckette

Interview: How to Develop your Wine Palate with Madeline Puckette 

Madeline Puckette is the founder of Wine Folly, a blog where wine is simplified. She’s been developing her palate and becoming an expert on educating people on wine.

Below is a summary of our interview:


“The more you know, the more you know you don’t know.”

As you become an expert in your field, you start to understand there’s so much more to know.

Her Journey

As a little girl, Madeline wasn’t really drinking that much wine, so it did not seem like an obvious choice back then. Madeline was really passionate about music, and she was a singer and music producer. When audio production was new, she got into audio production and went to school for music technology; singing and producing in Los Angeles trying to work with producers. She had all this half-way momentum, but it didn’t pan out. She just thought she wasn’t putting her full soul in her music.  Then she ended up moved out of LA and went to Reno, Nevada to step out of her situation and ended up in this dead-end job as a graphic designer.  And around 2008, she got laid off like everyone else in that market crisis era. Since she didn’t know what to do, she just went to a wine bar. Throughout the days at work one of the things she looked forward to afterward was drinking wine. At the wine bar, the bar owner noticed this passion in her, as she was trying to describe the flavors, so he gave her this book and told her if she read it, he’d let her work there part time. And Madeline, having just been laid off, was thinking, “I get to work at a wine bar? Cool!” Her boss had so much knowledge though, was always excited about inspiring her. She became a certified sommelier.  Madeline started interviewing for jobs in New York City, which didn’t go well.  But when she went back to Reno, she told her boyfriend it was beautiful in Seattle, so they moved to Seattle, WA. Madeline really loved the internet and wanted to talk about wine, so she combined the two passions.

Low Point

Saying goodbye to music was a big deal. It was a turning point. When she started Wine Folly in 2010, she had done it for two months, but then closed it. Finally, she opened it full-time December 2011.  Blogging is more than a full-time job. Every day there’s a new challenge to it.

Aha Moment

The time she created an Infographic called, “how to choose wine” and threw it up on Facebook, which got 1,000 shares in the first day. So that Infographic turned into several Infographics and wine maps, turning that into a way to make money. That was her aha moment.

Madeline’s work now 

Wine Folly is a free online resource to learn about wine. Wine is a little more interesting when you don’t just drink it and get drunk, you learn about culture and agriculture and understand how different people solve problems. The more you explore, the more developed you become more understanding about the world through the lens of wine. At the end of the day, you can enjoy the tastes of wine. What you like about wine is different than what someone else likes.  Even if you’re a moderate drinker, there are a lot of different healthy benefits for people.

You can learn more about oak-aging and how that makes wine taste like vanilla and butter, and that’s how to develop your palate.  Much more can be found over at Wine Folly. Did you know Sauvignon Blanc often tastes like gooseberries or that an Albarino has a lemon-y quality to it?  Her signature post on Wine Folly is an Infographic on wine and food pairing that is very clear and understandable, easy advice to follow.


What’s exciting Madeline now

In terms of Wine Folly, she’s creating educational content and make it much easier to find when people come to the site. She has new posters coming out, and other behind-the-scenes projects but she can’t talk about. However, she’s adding more wine experts that can provide more value.

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Lightning Round

Book Madeline Recommends

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Helpful Habit:

She changes the music she listens to. It gets her to see things differently.

Helpful Person:

Her business partner, Justin, who is the CEO of the business. While she’s the wine expert, he’s the one who puts the tools in place to make Wine Folly work. He’s awesome, and he’s also her boyfriend. Business advice: If you don’t work out and you’re running a business together, then you were never meant to work out.

Internet Resource

EverNote – an app

What’s Your Purpose

To inspire people. That’s her job.

Where to follow Madeline

On Twitter, and on Instagram. Winefolly.com also has her information there. The best thing to do is to subscribe to their site to get e-mails. She can be found there, too.

One More Thing

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