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Lynn Aaronson Ice Bucket Challenge

Managing the Ice Bucket Challenge and Career Challenges with Lynn Aaronson

Lynn Aaronson Ice Bucket Challenge

Lynn Aaronson is more than the woman who helped ALS work through the Ice Bucket Challenge. She is the Executive Director of the Massachusetts chapter and a successful nonprofit executive for 20+ years.

When the US economy tanked in in 2009 she became unemployed for 17 months. An experience that taught her a lot about what really matters in her life.

In this interview, how her experience being unemployed changed the ALS hiring, we discuss how she tackled the Ice Bucket Challenge before and after the campaign, how she turned around the ALS Massachusetts chapter financial stability.

Below is a summary of our interview:


The best is yet to come – Lynn’s older brother

You can never get time back – Lynn’s father

Lessons from the interview

1. How Lynn and ALS MA handled negative backlash from the Ice Bucket Challenge campaign

2. How ALS continued the Ice Bucket Challege after the initial craze

3. What Lynn learned from her time as an unemployed executive

Special Bonus

We’ve included all the resources Lynn mentioned in his interview just for you. You’ll receive a copy of Lynn’s full presentation slides from the Association of Fundraising Professionals of MA annual meeting on how ALS responded to the Ice Bucket Challenge, a visual timeline of the campaign and how they’ve continued the challenge after the initial craze.