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Ani Alexander

Interview: How Ani Alexander, an Armenian immigrant, became a bestselling author by storytelling in her non-native language

Ani Alexander lived in the Soviet Union until she was 10 years old. Then she moved to five different countries, learned five different languages, and returned to Armenia in her 20’s. Ani had studied corporate finance and started working as a banker and then later an event planner. She loved it… until it started becoming her life. And she quickly began to realize that everything about her life was suffering except her career. Then she found her talent for storytelling and passion for writing in English – her non-native language.


Quote of the Day


3 Lessons from Interview 

  1. How to better achieve a healthy work-life balance

  2. How to market and promote yourself/ work more effectively

  3. How Ani overcame the challenge of writing in her non-native language


Featured Book

On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft by Stephen King

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Getting to Know Ani Alexander

What is a Helpful Habit?

Waking up early and starting the day off well by drinking water and exercising

What is a Helpful Resource for You?

Podcast Incubator

Who is a Helpful Person that Helped You on Your Journey?

Ani’s Husband

What is Your Purpose on this Planet?

To bring value to people’s lives

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