Ryan Ferrier, Comics writer

Ryan Ferrier

Interview: How to Succeed as a comic book Writer with Ryan Ferrier

Ryan Ferrier is a Canadian comic book writer. He’s done quite a lot. He’s written D4VE for Monkeybrain Comics and other comics. We talk about how his love of writing became his job.

Below is a summary of our interview:


When the question “what do you do if you ever feel like giving up?” came up, the answer was “There is no such thing as giving up. There’s only getting up and doing it all over again. Smarter and harder.”

His Journey

Ryan was born in Canada and had a typical upbringing. He was this ball of energy and loved movies and comics at an early age. He gravitated towards using his imagination. But he didn’t do well in school and struggled as a student. After a while, he had to get a proper job. He first went to school for animation to learn how to be an animator. He enjoyed creating characters and dialogue, which became his focus. For a couple of years he was doing film reviews. But there was no money there, so he found animation again and steered himself to graphic design. He found a job as a graphic designer and it kept him going for a bit. But he didn’t want to be stifled and for his creativity to falter. So it was at the point that he began talking with a friend of his about making a comic. His friend drew it and Ryan wrote it. Luckily it was picked up by a small publisher in Houston. Since that was his very first comic he wrote, he’s been doing that for work.

A Low Point

The feelings of fear and worry and nothing i’m doing is good is a driving force for him as a writer. In any sort of creative endeavor, there’s always that self doubt. If you start losing the self-doubt though, it’s a bad thing. So it’s important to use that feeling.

Aha Moment

For Ryan it was the moment he decided to self-publish.  When he sold his first comics at a convention in Vancouver, he had a table and he was talking to people saying he’s a comic book writer.

Ryan’s work now  

He reaches a lot into film. People who influenced him include Stanley Kubrick, Sergio Leone, and David Linch for a lot of influence. All their work makes Ryan become immersed and he likes humor. Those are his influences for his creative process.  Some of his signature works include a series called Tiger Lawyer, which is goofy and silly, but it has a crime film noir backstory.

What’s exciting Ryan now  

He is looking forward to bigger projects with some publishers coming out in a couple of years. But he’s exciting that the D4VE series has been picked up by a big publisher and they’re doing a collection.

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Lightning Round

Book Ryan Recommends:

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Helpful Habit :

Don’t wait until you have inspiration. Just write when you don’t want to write. It’ll come out if you keep flexing the muscle.

Helpful Person:

Paul Allor, whom he’s close to. They’re both dedicated. And Ryan says he’s brilliant.

Internet Resource:

Twitter is helpful and important for networking and collaborating with editors and colorists.

Really cool people to follow on Twitter are @joekeatinge and @brian_level

What’s Your Purpose:

To tell stories, but also to make people reflect on themselves. To connect with people and find common ground with everyone.

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Where to follow Ryan

His Twitter. He can also find him on Tumblr.

Parting Words
Don’t give up and you can do it as long as you dedicate yourself to it.

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