Joseph Carrabis neuromarketer

Reading virtual minds with Joseph Carrabis

Joseph Carrabis, marketing researcher extraordinaire, NextStage Evolution

Joseph Carrabis uses technology to read virtual minds through their purchasing decisions. He is the Chief Neuroscience Officer and Data Science at InsightXM and runs NextStage Evolution. He is author of over 25 books on marketing psychology including Reading Virtual Minds, Volume I.

We talk about the psychology of purchasing decisions online and in stores and his journey to a worthwhile career.

3 Lessons from the Interview

  1. The difference in how men and women approach shopping

  2. How the placements of elements affects the process of shopping online and offline

  3. What gives Joseph perspective in this crazy world

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Quote of the Day

“If all else fails immortality can be always be assured by a spectacular error ” – John Kenneth Galbraith


“The problem with communication is the assumption that it has occurred” – George Bernard Shaw


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Getting to Know Joseph Carrabis

What is a helpful habit?

To recognize that I can always learn more

Who is a helpful person that helped you on your journey?

His wife Susan

What is your purpose on this planet?

To be better the next day

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