Raheem Jarbo aka Mega Ran aka Random teacher turned video game rapper

Raheem Jarbo

Interview: How to a teacher becomes a video game rapper with Raheem Jarbo aka Mega Ran aka Random

Raheem Jarbo is hip hop artist and educator putting nerdcore music on the map. The man known as Mega Ran or Random shares his journey from teacher to touring artist. You might even some of his tunes inspired by Mega Man and other video games.

Below is a summary of our interview:


Nothing will work unless you do – Maya Angelou

His Journey

Raheem takes us on a ride through his times growing in Philadelphia as a nerd who loved writing and reading. His intro to hip hop came from the song “It Takes Two” which a guy across the street loved to play. His love of literature turned into a teaching career and eventually his switch to a touring musician.

Low Point

Raheem gets booked into a show where he has a crappy hotel room and three people showed up to the show (the people in attendance were his family members).

Aha Moment

Raheem discusses being approached by Capcom and getting officially licensed to use their music.

Raheem’s work now  

We talk about one of Raheem’s songs “Wily” and his process of creating music.

What’s exciting Raheem now

Raheem is producing a remix album “The Call: 8-bit” based on his first album “The Call.” He’s also excited about the rise of nerdcore music.

Lightning Round

Book Raheem Recommends: Ready Player One by Ernest Kline

Helpful Habit: Setting reminders throughout the day

Helpful Person: Matt Weis aka Storyville, provides great feedback

Internet Resource: Spreadsheets saves lives (not a site, he just loves spreadsheets)

What’s Your Purpose: Change the world. Change the way people look at nerds, musicians, and hip hop.

Where to follow Raheem

MegaRan on Facebook


Parting Words

Start where you are, Use what you have, and do what you can.

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