Peter Sims

Today, we go big star hunting with Peter Sims.

Peter is a deep thinker who found his true north by making little bets along his journey. At venture capital firm Summit Partners, he made bets on entrepreneurs. As an MBA at Stanford, he found his true north by taking a chance to co-author a book with Bill George, which became a best seller.

We cover both of Peter’s books, the stress of not knowing what’s next, and of course, he went to Bowdoin College. Go Polar Bears.

Below is a summary of his interview:


“The best way to predict the future is to invent it” – Alan Kay

The Journey

We discuss Peter’s time at Bowdoin College to his time as a venture capitalist then author.

Low Point

Peter talks about coming off the high of a best selling book to losing a job that led to a failed marriage engagement.

Aha Moment

Peter describes how he became passionate about the concept of design thinking

His work now  

We go into the ideas in Peter’s book Little Bets and the potential impact of design thinking.

What’s exciting Peter now

The process of finding his next purpose, scary as it may be.

Lightning Round

Book Peter RecommendsBird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life

Helpful Internet Resource: Brain Pickings Blog

Helpful Person: Bill Torrey from Bowdoin College and co-author Bill George

What’s Your Purpose: Make the most of my potential and bring out the most in others

Where to find Peter

Peter’s Website

Twitter: @petersims

Let Peter know how much you enjoyed this interview.

Parting Words

Put yourself out there in small steps and take little bets

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