Paul Roetzer, Founder of PR2020

Paul Roetzer

Interview: How to become a real life Jerry Maguire with Paul Roetzer

Paul Roetzer is founder of PR2020, a PR agency that helps business master inbound marketing. After having a ‘Jerry Maguire’ moment at a traditional ad agency, he started a firm based on values he wanted to see. We chat about Paul’s journey.

Below is a summary of our interview:


“Vision is what they call it when others can’t see what you see.”

His Journey

When Paul was 4, he set out to cure cancer as he lost a neighbor to cancer and promised his mom o figure out a way to prevent them from losing another person. He went to college Pre-med. Somewhere along the way, he lost his way and didn’t take college seriously. Saw himself failing out of Pre-med. But he got his act together really fast. As a bio major and started looking at what he enjoyed to do. He enjoyed writing and made it his mission to get into the School of Journalism. Spring of his Junior year, he got accepted. Woke up the next day with an internship offer at a PR agency. In about a 12 hour period everything fell together. Wrote a paper called PR2020 which basically led to his company and since 2005, he’s been working for the company he founded.

A Low Point

There’s always gonna be setbacks. It’s the attitude you take with it. When you have a vision and believe in it, making it happen, doesn’t happen overnight. Often, he made difficult decisions in the 9 years he’s been at his company. In 2008, he had to not accelerate growth, but control growth, and raise some funding, and just put the foot to the pedal. Paul always stepped back and asked himself, “what’s the purpose?”

Aha Moment

Paul felt his gut instinct of what’s right. He is developing his own talent and staying on course.

Paul’s work now  

PR 2020 is a traditional PR agency, but became more like digital marketing in 2007, began to work with Hubstop build a model, and geared towards becoming inbound marketing agency. Paul’s company works to draw people into companies, to engage prospects, to turn them into leads, and turn leads into customers.

What’s exciting Paul now

As marketers and PR people, Paul believes it his mission to help brands be more human and interact with them on a human level. At the end of the day, he is trying to take it back 50 years to understand who that person is and what they need and what matters to people.

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Lightning Round

Book Paul Recommends:

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Helpful Habit:

Productivity blocks

Helpful Person:

Dharmesh Shah, one of the co-founders of HubSpot. He’s one of those people that no matter how successful he is, Dharmesh always had time to meet with Paul when he was in Boston, and embodies what it’s like to be an entrepreneur.

Internet Resource:

A free personal note keeping app, Evernote.

What’s Your Purpose:

Paul first felt it’s to be a good husband and father. For his company, he is motivated to build something in significance. He always has to be doing something that contributes to the greater good and to change the people’s lives.

Where to follow Paul

Twitter: @PaulRoetzer or @PR2020

Parting Words

Finding your purpose and what drives you in life is important, as well as figuring out the people and the moments that inspire you.

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