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Nicolas Warren

Interview: How to Make Chocolate healthy with Nicolas Warren

Nicolas Warren is one half of the founders for Perfect Fuel Chocolate.  He’s gained a depth of experience with making something very unique. He doesn’t see himself as a chocolatier, but in the chocolate making business using some very dense nutrition super foods and making a nutrition product.

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Life is what you make it.

His Journey

With Nicolas’ parents separated, he moved around from Mexico to California, finally moving east to Boston. Then, he started a consumer packaged goods business, Perfect Fuel Chocolate with partner, Miles.

Low Point

Nicolas mentioned Perfect Fuel’s struggle with repaying people for their contributions during his Indigogo campaign, and some manufacturing problems that just left them month’s work behind. With every knock down it made things difficult because Perfect Chocolate is so small. With every knock down it made things difficult because Perfect Chocolate is so small.

Aha Moment

When Nicolas received a phone call from an independent store owner in Pennsylvania who said someone in their store walked in with a wrapper of his product and wanted to order a couple of cases; that makes his heart feel so good and  keeps Nicolas warm and tender inside.

Nicolas’ work now  

Nicolas works at Perfect Fuel Chocolate which makes super dark chocolate energy bites packed with ginseng.  And it’s a full dose of 500 mg to balance energy and give a longer lasting energy with minuscule amount of caffeine. Pure Ingredients. All organic.

What’s exciting Nicolas now

He thinks so many people are getting into physical products nowadays. There are so many people coming up with new innovative ideas. Nicolas loves that it’s a burgeoning world of innovation. Every day, he hears about new products and new physical goods. He likes everyone doing new things.

Lightning Round

Books Nicolas RecommendsDifficult Conversations: How to Discuss What Matters Most by Douglas Stone

Helpful Habit: Be in the habit of having habits

Helpful Person: His brother, Kent. He’s been there for Nicolas in his times of need.

What’s Your Purpose: Share some positivity with the world and make some people smile.

Where to follow Nicolas

Twitter: @NicolasWarren

Find him on Facebook: Nicolas Warren

Parting Words
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