Meika Hollender

Today we get responsible with Meika (pronounced Me-ka) Hollender.

Meika grew up with an entrepreneur dad. She went to Stern School of Business at NYU. She was well on her way to a high powered career in corporate America. Then something shifted. We cover that shift and her journey to VP of Marketing for Sustain Condoms, all natural, non-toxic, marketed and made for women.

I learned a lot about condoms, sexual health, and a very enterprising woman. Hope you will too. Enjoy.

Meika Hollender is starting a condom revolution


“Reflect before you react”

Meika’s Journey

We cover Meika’s history with a business owner dad to corporate life to finally starting a new company with her father.

Low Point

Meika goes through the internal conflict in starting Sustain Condoms.

Aha Moment

Meika flashes back to the moment when she discovered that she wanted to take corporate social responsibility into the backbone of a company.

Meika’s work now

We go deep into Sustain condoms and how she hopes to change how woman approach condoms.

What’s Exciting Meika Now

We look at the future of Sustain Condoms and how Meika will get the word out about condoms for women.

Lightning Round

Book Meika RecommendsResponsibility Revolution by Jeffrey Hollender

Helpful Internet Resources: Upworthy and New York Times

Helpful Person: A friend who listened to Meika when she was conflicted about starting Sustain

What’s Your Purpose: Only 19% of single women currently use condoms. My purpose is to get the other woman to use condoms and feel good about it.

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How to follow Meika

Twitter: @MissMeiks

Sustain Condoms website

Parting Words

Hope more people will be practicing sex in the future.

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