Meg Sylvia

Meg Sylvia

Interview: How to make Online Publishing easy with Meg Sylvia

Meg Sylvia, who just made the leap from working 9-5 to working on her own, is the master and creator  of Artful Publications.

Below is a summary of our interview:


“Good things come to those who wait, but better things come to those who work for it.”

Her Journey

Her dad was a photographer and he was the first person to introduce Meg to art and creativity. He gave her a copy of Photoshop and she would get a hold of all the free tutorials she could. Since she was a  young girl, she had this entrepreneurial spirit. She went to college and graduated with a degree in Marketing. Her goal was to work for herself and she ended up getting a job in graphic design in the construction industry, which was a little stifling for a girl with unlimited amount of creativity.  Her strengths are in layout design specifically with graphic design.  Throughout college she worked in newspaper publishing and with her background in marketing, it was easy for her to make the connection to e-books and online products. So she was lucky enough to find her niche.

Low Point

The biggest roadblock was convincing everyone around her that she was ready to make this leap. The risk was pretty scary. The lowest point is facing the worst that can happen; also, everyone around her was afraid to support it because they didn’t want to see Meg fail. Everyone wants her to succeed, but they were trying to keep her safe. But sometimes you just need to take a risk.

Aha Moment

When she took a blogger through the process of marketing and publishing of a book, the client was very happy with the results that Meg started getting referrals. So she knew that this was going to be very possible.

Meg’s work now  

The purpose of Artful Publications is to make online publishing easy for bloggers who have published books, but need them to look beautiful and presentable. The other  is for the beginner to help them publish and hadn’t published in the past. She takes them through planning and the publishing process.

Meg is currently trying to put processes together so she can grow steadily. She’s also excited to take this from one-on-one client work to classes where she can teach more people.

Lightning Round

Book Meg Recommends

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Helpful Habit:

Making sure she’s asleep by 10:30 every night.

Helpful Person

Danielle Dowling who has her own website. She is a life coach and business coach who helped Meg during a difficult time in her life. Danielle really changed Meg’s life.

Internet Resource

Wave accounting app, which you can get right here.

What’s Your Purpose

There’s no point in not being happy in your life. There’s no reason to let little things get you upset. Meg just wants to keep that attitude and help people feel that way, too.

Where to follow Meg

Meg’s website. Find her on Twitter @MegKSylvia.

And on Facebook through her website.

Parting Words

If you keep pushing every day and put a little bit of action in, as far away as your goals may seem, it really is possible. Meg is proof of that.

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