Matt Hawkins

Matt Hawkins

Interview: How to go from science guy to comic guy with Matt Hawkins

Matt Hawkins is the Chief Executive Officer of Top Cow Productions and in addition to doing all the finances, he is writing two books a month. We talk about his time in comics, the 90’s and how he almost didn’t make it.

Below is a summary of our interview:


“War isn’t about left or right; it’s basically that whoever’s left is right.” – Bertrand Russell

His Journey

Matt was born in North Dakota the same year that there was a man walking on the moon. He grew up moving around until he was 15 since growing up on a military base is a unique experience. He went to UCLA and got into Physics. As he was working on his Masters, he was hired to work on Image Comics. He worked in marketing and editorial up until he started writing comics. When Extreme Studios brought him on and folded, he decided to self-publish. Eventually, he took the job in Top Cow. He had a bit of luck in his career. That’s where he is today. He’s been in the business about 22 years and has been at Top Cow for 15 years.

Low Point

In 1996, when Extreme Studios went out of business, Matt had an identity crisis and almost left the business. At the time, he didn’t have responsibility as a father or husband back then, so he had the flexibility to take chances.

Aha Moment

He’s met some of the world’s top celebrities and actors, like Sean Connery. We talk about how he welcomes people to chat with him at a comic book show. That’s what he’s there for.

Matt’s work now  

What Matt would tell people when they meet him is he’s a comic book writer and President and Chief Operating Officer at Top Cow. He works with writers, marketers, the editorial staff, and hires the artists. He has several people that work in marketing and production.  Although, Matt prefers the creative days when he can sit and write all day.

What’s exciting Matt Now

His most personal project, Think Tank, is his passion now. It’s the best book he’s written. In entertainment, there are some things that are formulaic, but mostly it’s trial and error. It’s available on Comixology and Amazon. Many people don’t want to be pigeonholed, but Matt thinks that’s wrong. His advice is to build yourself and your following and then try to branch out. Matt also advises people to be realistic about the talent that you may possess.

Lightning Round

Book Matt Recommends:

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Helpful Habit:

Getting up and working out for an hour.

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