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Marci Alboher

Marci Alboher is the original slasher and that’s a good thing. She a lawyer / journalist / writer / tv personality. She made the term ‘slash career’ popular with her book “One Person/Multiple Careers.” After many years as a free agent, we talk about her decision to work for someone else at

Below is a summary of our interview:


The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away. – Pablo Piccaso

Her Journey

We cover Marci’s start cleaning motel rooms for her family business to her different careers as a lawyer slash journalist slash writer slash everything you can imagine.

Low Point

With very short notice, the New York Times terminated her blog and column.

Aha Moment

Marci describes how her final two blog posts for the New York Times led to her next role.

Marci’s work at Encore Careers

We talk about how Encore Careers is helping people find ‘second acts’ in the latter part of their careers and the Encore Career Handbook.

Lightning Round

Book Marci RecommendsWorking Identity: Unconventional Strategies for Reinventing Your Career

Helpful Habit: Getting an email and referring the person to just the right people

Internet Resource: Freedom App

Helpful Person: Sue Shapiro and Charles Salzberg, her first writing teachers

What’s Her Purpose: To listen, watch, and see what she can share to help others

How to follow Marci

Twitter: @heymarci and @encorecareers

Facebook Page

Hey Marci blog

Encore Careers

Parting Words

There is a huge opportunity for Encore work to be a way to connect the generations and create an inter-generational conversation that should be happening. Young people should be thinking learn, earn and return in different life/career stages.

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