Joyce Walker USA Basketball

LSU Star Joyce Walker on overcoming alcoholism and coaching basketball

Professional basketball player and coach Joyce Walker

Los Angeles native Joyce Walker played basketball for Louisiana State University and USA Basketball and was one of the first female Harlem Globetrotters before becoming a chemical dependency counselor.

Now the head basketball coach at her alma mater and founder of the nonprofit ReJOYCE Fundamentals Academy, Joyce talks candidly about overcoming personal hardship and mentoring youth.


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Quote of the Day

“When you let your own light shine, you subconsciously give people permission to do the same.” —Nelson Mandela


3 Lessons from the Interview

  1. How a childhood love of basketball led to a professional career in the sport

  2. How Joyce overcame alcoholism to become a mentor and coach to youth

  3. Why creating a team of people around her helped Joyce succeed in her goals


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Getting to Know Joyce Walker

What is a helpful habit?

Getting up and asking God to show me the way—taking some quiet time to focus on the day and living in the moment

What is a helpful resource for you?

Using the Internet in general to look for positive people who are doing positive things in the world; using YouTube to learn, especially to coach

Who is a helpful person that helped you on your journey?

Ted Howard, the principal of Garfield High School, someone I used to coach who is now a rock for me no matter what’s going on

What is your purpose on this planet?

To make an impact on people—to lead young people, to look at my own shortcomings and give people a pass when they’re going through their own shortcomings; to let my light shine, the good and the bad, so people see the humanness of who I am and my value; to affect change in a few people’s lives along the way


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