Lian Dolan

Lian Dolan is a writer, producer, and talk show host. In 2000, Lian created Satellite Sisters, a weekly show with her four sisters around the globe. Her writing has appeared in many national magazines, including regular columns in O, The Oprah Magazine and Working Mother and essays in such anthologies as Chicken Soup for the Sister’s Soul. TV appearances have included The Today Show, CBS Sunday Morning, and The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Below is a summary of her interview


“And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make” – The Beatles

The Journey

Lian discusses how she started by entertaining her family of 10 as a child into how the nationally syndicated Satellite Sisters show started.

Low Point

Lian discusses how Satellite Sisters lost their syndication after being featured in 100 different radio markets.

Aha Moment

Lian talks about how her first book, “Helen of Pasadena” about a woman reinventing herself mirrored how Lian reinvented her life.

Her work now  

Lian chats about a signature episode of Satellite Sisters, where her sister Julie talked for 50 minutes about her trip and experience in North Korea.

What’s exciting Lian now

People are really embracing podcasts. Anyone can find an audience now. We also touch on her experience working on a tv show based on her blog Chaos Chronicles.

Lightning Round

Book Lian Recommends: Neil Simon’s Autobiography – Rewrites: A Memoir

Helpful Habit: Writing Early

Someone who helped her along the way: First boss at Nike, Mike Doherty

Internet Resource: Wikipedia

What’s Your Purpose: “Represent the humor, heart, and connection of life”

Where to find Lian

Satellite Sisters Website

Twitter: @LianDolan

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Parting Words

Theme for 2014: “Make it Count”

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One More Thing

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