Kylie Ofiu Financial Blogger of the Year 2013

Kylie Travers

Kylie Travers is the author of 365 Ways To Make Money, financial mentor, and single mother of two. She overcame domestic violence, rape, and homelessness on her way to become one of biggest names in personal finance worldwide. Her blog won Best International Personal Finance Blog for 2012 and 2013.

We discuss her journey and talk about her current work with the homeless in Australia.

Below is a summary of her interview:


“I am not what happened to me. I am what I choose to become” –  Karl Yung

Kylie’s Journey

Kylie goes in detail on the events in her amazing story.

Low Point

Kylie discusses her experience with domestic violence and the subsequent rape and robbery – all within a few weeks.

Aha Moment

Kylie describes the realization that took place the day she was robbed.

Kylie’s work now

We talk about Kylie’s blog and the creation of her book 365 Ways to Make Money

What’s Exciting Kylie now

Kylie’s work with the homeless in Australia

Lightning Round

Book RecommendationThe Richest Man In Babylon

Helpful Internet Resource: Yakezie Network – Resource for financial bloggers

Helpful Habit: Always saves some of all her income – at least 10%.

Helpful Person: Person she cannot name. He has helped Kylie and given her support. Got me verklempt.

What is Your Purpose? : Help the homeless

How to Follow Kylie

Kylie’s Blog


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Parting Words

You’re capable of anything. Opportunities come at the darkest times. Any negative moment can become an opportunity.

One More Thing

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