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Krysta Youngs

Interview: How to Make it in the Music Industry with Krysta Youngs

Krysta Youngs is a singer and songwriter who wants to be Ryan Tedder with a vagina. After graduating Boston’s Berklee College of Music, she moved to Nashville, and is currently living in Los Angeles creating a vision for her listeners through words and sound.

Below is a summary of our interview:


“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”

Her Journey

Krysta, even as a grown up now, still likes pink. When she was a young girl growing up in Flint, Michigan as an only child,  her parents supported her. Krysta liked to play dress up and sing on top of her parent’s kitchen table, and they would always listen attentively.  Usually most nights, she’d fall asleep to her cassette player in bed, and she’d write a lot, including some poems.  While she was growing up, she started taking piano lessons and singing lessons. Her grandmother, who played piano, was Krysta’s number one fan when she was younger. She outgrew Michigan and decided to go to Berklee College of Music in Boston. There she started writing and Krysta joined a wedding band. Boston was great for teaching her how to entertain an audience, but she wanted to perfect her songwriting. So she left for Nashville where she stayed almost a year and a half. There, she learned about the craft of song writing in the best place possible. Almost 2 years ago to this month, she moved to Los Angeles and a week after she arrived, Krysta was contacted by a guy named DQ to play some more songs for her. She’d have sessions every day with singers and producers.  For the first year, she still kept her artsy stuff on the back burner.  She missed expressing herself as an artist, so her friend, Julia St. Clair helped her co-write her EP(extended play) track. It’s been a year long process, but she’s excited for it to come out when it’s done in 3 to 4 months.

A Low Point

She had a cut on a group’s EP that was coming out of Capitol Records. And Krysta thought “oh, this is badass” since it was her first major release in the states. But then she received a phone call that the song she wrote got replaced with someone else’s. And it was awful.

Aha Moment

She recently met Diane Warren and her “potty mouth” makes Krysta happy. Every time she Facebook messages her and Diane writes back, and it makes her realize as much as we all put singers on a pedestal they’re all human and everything is attainable.

Krysta’s work now  

Besides being a singer and songwriter, she’s also a visionary. Krysta’s strength is to take the arts – photography, songs, and writing – and create something that people can listen to and visualize.  On her upcoming EP, there’s going to be five songs. Working with Julia St. Clair, she sits down with a guitar and a piano and Krysta comes up with the title or a hook. Then she just writes the song; next she takes it to her guitar friend, then gets track vocals for it, and figures out who will produce the EP, but then DQ will do vocal production. Then she takes it to someone who will mix it, but it’s working with people you trust.  Relationships and having a team you trust allow you to be creative in the “dare to suck” zone.

What’s exciting Krysta now

She’s very excited about her EP.

Lightning Round

Book Krysta Recommends:

Murphy’s Laws of Songwriting

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Helpful Habit:  

Drinking coffee in the morning. But her habit is hiking almost every day for over an hour.

Helpful Person:  

Yan Perchuk, a producer and engineer, who’s been there for Krysta since Berklee.

Internet Resource:

She goes to WikiRhymer and the Billboard app to stay current for who’s number one in the dance charts and country charts. 

What’s Your Purpose:  

She doesn’t think that she can do anything well as well as music, and it’s just why Krysta is here.

Where to follow Krysta

Krysta Young’s website

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Parting Words

She wrote a song with Melanie Fontana and she’s doing a music video for it in a week. Check out her YouTube channel which will have it up in a couple of weeks.

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