Karen Hinds, CEO of Workplace Success

Karen Hinds

Interview: How to become a CEO and gain big success with Karen Hinds

Karen Hinds is a professional speaker who helps young men and women find their purpose and achieve their dreams and believe in their capabilities.

Below is a summary of our interview:


“A lot of little things done right leaves having a lot of big successes.”

Her Journey

As a young girl, Karen always talked too much in class. She wanted to be a doctor, lawyer, journalist; she had like 12 careers going on in her head. She loved to write and loved to speak.  After her first law class, Karen didn’t want to do that. Then she didn’t want to deal with blood as a doctor. So little by little, she started knocking them off her list. Then she went to Bowdoin College and graduated, then started traveling. She just went from job to job for a little while. Bouncing around from job to job gave Karen the time and skill set she needed to give her the knowledge she wanted a fast paced career, something unpredictable. And owning her own business gives her that excitement.

A Low Point

From an outsider’s perspective, the entrepreneurs always smile and are always getting books signed and it looks glamourous. But it’s in the back end that Karen deals with the grind. A lot of times, she has to figure out what she’s doing and she felt nothing was happening, thinking “what am I going to do?”  But she met someone who then showed Karen how to rebound when you hit rock bottom.

Aha Moment

Karen likes to breakdown conflicts and always looked for signs from God on how she knew she was on the right track. “i’m not sure of this, but give me a sign.” In the early years of her business it kept her going. She would ask and she would get. Prayer is important to her, so when she got to the point of saying, “that’s it. I”m done” she would see a sign or something that would help her keep going.

Barbara’s work now  

Her 500 million ideas running in her head is one of her many challenges as an entrepreneur.

What’s exciting Karen now

The first is a series of public workshops Karen is involved in, called The Power of Professional Distinction and it’s designed for emerging leaders and talk what it means to be a constant professional in power.  The second is the launch of the Phenomenal Woman Conference April 10-11, 2015

Lightning Round

Book Karen Recommends:

How to Win Friends & Influence People


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Helpful Habit:

Exercising keeps her mentally sane. And she’s into Warrior dashes and the Spartan Race.

Helpful Person:

A group of women whom she calls them her mothers and her sisters.

Internet Resource:

Dual Lingo, an app on her iPhone

What’s Your Purpose:

Karen immediately says, “My purpose is being able to help people see how powerful they are.” She is here to help people realize their goals.

Where to follow Karen


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