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Jonell Galloway

Interview: How to survive food adventures with Jonell Galloway

Jonell Galloway is the Rambling Epicure, a foodie, chef, and writer. Food has taken her from Kentucky to Le Cordon Bleu in France to Switzerland. We chat about how she was eating so well it almost killed her and the mindful eating that is now a big part of her writing.

Below is a summary of our interview:


Spread love in everything you do. -Mother Teresa

Eating is an agricultural act – Wendell Berry

Her Journey

Jonell chats her food journey from the family farm in Kentucky to studying cooking and wine in France to Switzerland.

Low Point

Jonell talks about the experience become so sick from eating rich foods that she could only eat bland food for over a year.

Aha Moment

Jonell discovers Wendell Berry essays about food and the slow food movement, a reaction to fast food. She goes into talk about the origin of slow food in Italy.

Jonell’s work now  

Jonell discusses the Rambling Epicure, her food blog, which features like minded food experts. She writes many essays on mindful eating.

What’s exciting Jonell now

Jonell’s working a couple books. One about how to survive in life and another on traditional Kentucky recipes.

Lightning Round

Book Jonell Recommends: A Timbered Choir: The Sabbath Poems 1979-1997by Wendell Berry

Helpful Habit: Let no one leave you without being happier

Helpful Person: Elatia Harris, great moral supporter

Internet Resource: The Guardian, New York Times, Alt Net (Fact Checking site)

What’s Your Purpose: To spread love and to help others live better

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Twitter: @jonellgalloway

Twitter: @ramblingepicure

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Parting Words

When you do something you are passionate about you automatically do good things in the world.

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