Isra Garcia

Isra Garcia

Interview: How to Turn Social Media on its Head with Isra Garcia

Isra Garcia is a triathlete, and a marketer that believes in human connection with social media. He has become a voice in fostering real relationship in social media through what he calls “human media.” You can tell he’s ready to rock this interview from the very beginning.

Below is a summary of our interview:


“There is no map.” Because, in life there is no map, no handbook, no instructions.

His Journey

Something that resonates in Isra is that when you grow up, you’re told you have to get the family,  buy a house, buy a car.  He was working in a factory and had no professional background, doing what he was told. One day, he got fed up and tried to change his future. He had explained about his goal to enroll in university. So he enrolled in university and he felt betrayed because he thought university was a good way to make a difference. He was there to study, yet it was two of the worst years of his life. But he had no money, and the scholarships were expensive so he had to work two jobs as well as go to school. He was trying everything, and since there’s no map, he was struggling. But Isra has received a marketing management degree and also done his Masters degree. It’s quite a remarkable story of how he has worked in various cities and countries, including Spain.

A Low Point

While at the University of Manchester, Isra always went to bed at 12midnight, would wake up at half past 4 in the morning, and did this for 564 days non stop. Isra also felt his worst moments in his life are the best opportunity to create himself. He looked at this as the best learning in his life.

Aha Moment

When Isra found marketing was a great outlet to connect and build relationships. He always looked to marketing for a possibility to create change in the world.

Isra’s work now  

He’s a marketer and a social media strategist. He’s also an educational speaker. He also does a lot of physical experiences through triathlons, being an athlete has let him push in his personal life, because he pushes in the   professional life. He truly believes in social change. It’s not about the tools or the platforms, it’s about using the social media in the right way. Human media emphasizes the drive of business is through the people. Interaction with people is the key.

Lightning Round

Book Isra Recommends:

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Helpful Habit:

You have to be as good at working as you are at partying and enjoying life.

Helpful Person:

He mentioned a young man whom he met one day who pushed Isra. It is through this man that Isra realized there are people who are trying to change a person’s life without getting something in return.

Internet Resource:

Social Media Today and Fast Company for business and innovation

What’s Your Purpose:

Create positive change.

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Where to follow Isra and Parting Words

Isra Garcia’s Twitter.

Sometimes you can feel lost, and nothing works, and you can feel alone, but life is about you and about how you feel and the things you make and create. But just stand out and go make something happen.

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