hope nicholson

How To Get Thousands of Backers for Your Kickstarter: Hope Nicholson, Secret Loves of Geek Girls

3,640 Backers and $122,286 CAD

Hope Nicholson is a Canadian comic book publisher, editor of Nelvana of the Northern Lights, and a Kickstarter maven with 3 successful campaigns under her belt. Her current project, Secret Loves of Geek Girls, an all-female anthology of true stories about love and romance, made an impressive $122,286 CAD during its campaign. Her success was not easy, but through support and creative strategy, Hope was able to raise the funds she needed for her book. 

hope nicholson 

Listen to Hope Nicholson’s story on her love for comic books, how she made a career out of it, and her advice for people who want to launch a Kickstart campaign.



Quote of the Day

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3 Lessons from Interview

  1. Her advice on starting a campaign and how to network with other Kickstarters

  2. The challenges of working freelance and how she overcame unemployment

  3. Budgeting your Kickstarter and what’s next after you get funded

Featured Books

Locas Stories from Love and Rockets by Jaime Hernandez

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Getting to Know Hope Nicholson

What is a helpful resource for you?

Comics.org is a website that collects information about comic books

Who is a helpful person that helped you on your journey?

She had a lot of great mentors who have assisted her, Trina Robbins, contributor of Secret Loves of Geek Girls. She has done a lot of research debunked a lot of myths about women in comic books.

What is your purpose on this planet?

She wants to bring back content and make it available for everyone.

How to connect with Hope Nicholson?

Her website is a great place to keep updated with her projects

Bedside Press Facebook Page 

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