lisa fetterman

How I Funded $586K in 30 Days for My Kickstarter: Lisa Fetterman, Founder of Nomiku

Revolutionizing the way we cook at home

Say goodbye to overcooked eggs. Lisa Fetterman is the founder of Nomiku, the first ever home sous vide appliance that brings the secret of 3-Michelin star chefs into your own kitchen. Her journey wasn’t always easy for her when she faced being almost completely out of money, but through her hard work in creating this product and and launching the#1 funded food Kickstarter campaign, she is now running a thriving business. 

lisa fetterman

In this interview, Lisa takes us through her experience with Nomiku, the highs and lows, and an exciting project she’s working on with Nomiku.



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3 Lessons from Interview

  1. What she learned about food after serving a green “century egg” to a friend for dinner

  2. How she almost sold her kidney and engagement ring so she can pay off her debts

  3. What she did to make Nomiku become the most funded food Kickstarter campaign

Featured Book

The Hard thing About Hard Things by Ben Horowitz

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Getting to Know Lisa Fetterman

What is a helpful resource for you?

Delectable app, that lets you take a picture of a label of wine and learn more about it.

Who is a helpful person that helped you on your journey?

Her parents, especially her dad has been helpful and encouraging her to work as hard as she can.

What is your purpose on this planet?

To connect everyone through food.

How to connect with Lisa?

Twitter @nomiku

Instagram @eatnomiku

Her Facebook 

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