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Interview: How to Scare Yourself Every Day with Greg Tung

Greg Tung is the man behind the blog, Scare Yourself Every Day.  One day sitting in his apartment, Greg had a shopping bag from a yoga store and the bag had all these meaningful quotes on it, and the quote by Eleanor Roosevelt was on it. At that moment it registered with him what’s going on in his life…and that’s where his idea for his blog, Scare Yourself Every Day, started! When Greg started doing scary things every day, in time he started to change himself.

Below is a summary of our interview:


A quote that inspired the blog was from Eleanor Roosevelt: “Do one thing every day that scares you.”

His Journey

Greg grew up in New Jersey, raised by parents who were born in China. He went to college at Berkley where he didn’t know what he wanted to do. He realized after taking pre-Med courses that he didn’t want to be a doctor 100%. So, he moved down to Los Angeles where he’s been living for and spent a couple of years doing temp work because it’s impossible to get a job with a Psychology degree. And he ended up getting into a design job, where eventually Greg moved to digital advertising.

A Low Point

At a point when he was okay, he had a steady job and a place of his own. But something was missing.  Greg wanted to be more than okay. He was 36 years old when he started the blog and he wanted more out of life and to break out of his shell.

Aha Moment

The time around the Rebecca Black song came out, everyone was making a parody about it. For his own blog, he made a video of what he does on a typical friday night, which is play video games, drink by himself and dance around. So he posted it on Reddit…and he had like 100,000 views in his first day. That’s what created traffic to his blog and receiving comments on his blog. This made him realize it was letting people resonate with him.

Greg’s work now  

The Scare Yourself Every Day blog started out kind of small, then as he got more confident things grew bigger, and he did a show called “Mortified.” Greg was reading diary entries when he was 12, and his sister’s diary and in front of a camera was one of the biggest things he did that scared him.  The second biggest was quitting his day job when he was raised in a family that

What’s exciting Greg now

After the blog finished, he posted another video on Reddit and it made it to the front page, getting on Huntington Post and Yahoo! News and it led him to get a book agent. Greg was excited he would be writing a book and he wrote a proposal and sent it out to 15 different publisher and he got rejected by all of them. But it was a good lesson that not everything’s going to go your way. Meanwhile, he got a call from a movie production company that wanted the movie rights, and Greg wanted to be a writer. However, they wanted their own people to do the screenwriting, but let Greg write his own and come back to them. So at the time, Greg wrote the script and sent the script over to the production company and they liked it and have been working closely with them the last couple of years.

Lightning Round

Book Greg Recommends:

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Helpful Habit:

He treats writing like a job and he’s at his computer at 9am, and sits there from 9 to 5. He gives himself the weekends off unless he has a deadline, but that helps him.

Helpful Person:

The screenwriting advice columnist whom Greg had a correspondence with helped Greg get advice.

Internet Resource:

He listens to a screenwriting podcast, called Scriptnotes by John August.

What’s Your Purpose:

He feels like he has a purpose already ’cause he connected with people on what scares them, but Greg feels his that the things he creates will touch people in some way, as he doesn’t know what he’d do besides being creative.

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Where to follow Greg

The Blog

Twitter: @scareyourself

Parting Words

The scariest things in life are some of the things that come up every day, so every now and then do that scary thing that comes up.

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