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Getting Over My Son’s Death and Leading a Community of Braveheart Women: Karen Chaston

Giving a voice to women and building a female-empowering community

Karen Chaston is the CEO of Alionment, resonator of Braveheart Women, and former CFO of a publicly listed company. After overcoming her son’s death, weight loss, and learning to be her own best friend, Karen is now sharing her principles to living a fulfilling life and empowering women everywhere to do the same. 

karen chaston


In this interview, we chat about the struggles that Karen went through her life, how she gained the self-esteem she has today, and why she is dedicating herself to balancing the gender gap in the corporate world and creating a community for women to thrive in.

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Quote of the Day

You are the only person you will spend your entire life with. So when are you going to stop beating yourself up, plain and small, and become the person you can be.Karen Chaston

3 Lessons from Interview

  1. What is Karen’s mission for women and how she’s building a community of women with with BraveHeart Women

  2. How she’s helping out women and men to coexist in the corporate space.

  3. How she got over her son’s death and turned her life around.


Featured Book

You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay 

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This book is a great way to find out about who you are and how to heal yourself.

Getting to Know Karen Chaston

What is a helpful resource for you?

Any books by Wayne Dyer is a great resource to have.

Who is a helpful person that helped you on your journey?

Her husband, Andrew, has been a great support for her throughout her journey. She also believes that her own abilities to overcome adversity in her life have been a great help for her.

What is your purpose on this planet?

Karen’s purpose is to bring awareness to women and give them a voice.

How to connect with Karen?


Personal Website 

BraveHeart Women Website 

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