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In 2008 Katherine Keller went from corporate marketing job married with children to divorce and too broke to pay the light bills as a single parent. She has since been able to take the steps to build a successful business and life.

Katherine now runs Katherine Keller International, an online marketing, branding, copywriting and graphic design agency. She also works with small business entrepreneurs, building their success mindset and overcoming fears. She is also featured writer for

In this interview, we discuss what Katherine did to get up from rock bottom, share business advice on entrepreneur overwhelm, copywriting, graphic design, branding and how to successfully manage your time.

Below is a summary of our interview:


“Our decisions shape our destiny” – Tony Robbins

Lessons from the interview

1. How to recover from divorce with children
2. How to budget your time (and avoid ‘time wasters’) as an entrepreneur
3. The mistakes entrepreneurs make in copywriting

Special Bonus

We’ve put together all the resources from Katherine mentioned in his interview just for you. Katherine has a live business training to share with Purpose Rockstar listeners for free. Just click the box below to get the resources instantly.

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