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Interview: How to be an ADHD Superstar with Eric Tivers

Eric Tivers is a clinical social worker, productivity coach, and podcast host of a show called “ADHD Rewired.” He dedicates his life to working with autistic individuals on the podcast.

Below is a summary of our interview:


“Fail forward” is the first one.

The second quote is “The hard thing and the right thing are often the same thing.”

His Journey

When Eric was in preschool, one day he came home and told his mom his new name was “Don’t, Eric” because that’s what all the teachers would say to him. Logically, he thought it was his name. Fast forward to when he was a Sophomore year of college and diagnosed with ADHD.  After he almost failed out Freshmen year in college, he had to try again. So after persuading his parents, he worked at college again for 4 years.  But he wasn’t diagnosed with ADHD because he didn’t have the Hyperactivity part. He worked in Autism after graduating with his undergraduate degree in social work. And he went back to graduate school with a focus on Autism, and realized he didn’t really love working in the schools. It was too much politics for him.  Overtime, he had worked in a behavioral clinic for about a year. and then he was licensed in clinical social work. The week that his wife and him closed on his mortgage, he got laid off. This was the catalyst to start and open up his practice.

A Low Point

Let’s call it the “Don’t, Eric” or the week that he got closed his mortgage and when he was diagnosed in college, he started taking medication for it. So he realized that this was what “normal” was. He was successful in school after he started taking medication, and he’d spend 12 hours in the library.  But doing everything you’re asked to in grad school is impossible. So he had to learn productivity skills.

Aha Moment

A chance meeting with a friend who told him she was diagnosed with ADHD and while she was describing it, he realized she was describing him. This Aha moment caused Eric to get an appointment with the school psychiatrist.

Eric’s work now  

He is a clinical social worker. He focuses on people in the Autistic spectrum. A not so politically correct term is low functioning autism. There were a lot of similarities between the challenges that Eric was having and that the children were having. When they had to transition to move onto something else, it was hard for them and for Eric. He saw he was late to  meetings and parties.

What’s Exciting Eric now

He’ll be launching this Facebook group and is in pre-launch phase. He’s super excited about the group that he created that he’d want for himself. He’ll have themed days like “Motivation Mondays,” Timed Task Tuesdays” and “Wait no more Wednesdays” and will be working with accountability partners. And there’s a 30 minute video that goes through the entire program. He did his pre-launch already.

Lightning Round

Book Eric recommends:

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Helpful Habit:

Checking his calendar every day, almost 50 times a day.

Helpful Person:

There were many people who helped him, but someone told Eric to meet people within a 50 mile radius that are doing the same thing he was doing.  But he actually did a 10 mile radius.

Internet Resource:

November 13-14th, Eric will be speaking at the CHADD International Annual Conference

What’s Your Purpose?

Life can be fantastic when you know who you really are.

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Where to follow Eric

Find him on Facebook or the website and a group on Twitter.

Parting Words

Always do your best and your best will be different every day.

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