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Internet Marketer

9: Amethyst Wyldfyre is wild healer and coach

16:Jeri Dansky finds happiness and health as a personal organizer

33: Bob Jenkins aka Bob the Teacher former high school teacher turned business coach

37: Beth Buelow – Introverted Entrepreneur is not Quiet

47: Miranda Reiter world traveler turned financial advisor

64: Paul Roetzer, who is the Founder PR2020 is a real life Jerry Maguire

69: Karen Hinds, CEO of Workplace Success – A Phenomenal Woman

78: Tim Kight, CEO Focus 3 – How a Leader is Made

85: Lyndsey Hrabik, Managing Editor and Social Media Strategist at Nonprofit Hub

93: Isra Garcia, Marketer and Extreme Athlete – Social Media into Human Media

111: Meg Sylvia, Artful Publications – Marketing E-books and making the leap!

114: Chad Watkins is Sommelier at UncommonGrape – France lover turned wine lover

121: Madeline Puckette, Founder, Wine Folly – Graphically Accessible Wine

123: Adam Teeter, Founder, Vine Pair – Making Wine Less Pretentious

143: How to start a membership site and find purpose with Keith Griffis of ifSimply.com

145: How to bridge the millenials and baby boomers gap with Sarah Sladek

Regular Business Owner

12: Meika Hollender is starting a condom revolution with women
13: Ali Smith is transforms youth with yoga and mindfulness

15: Linda Mornell psych nurse turned social entrepreneur on a Summer Search

17: Dave Schmelzer is a renegade atheist turned pastor looking for meaning

19: Cara Bradley investment banker to figure skater to yoga teacher to elite athletes

24: Matt Johnson goes from corporate marketing to running coach

27: Melissa Wilson anti-bullying advocate tells her story

32: C.C. Chapman is marketing with new rules

38: Stephan Boudon – The Future of Green Tech Investing and Sacrificing Everything

42: Maurya Couvares of ScriptEd on how coding can change the world

48: Gary Namie talks workplace bullying and his role in the Martin/Icognito case

49: Beppe Salerno tours the world on a bicycle with Ciclismo Classico

54: Miles Masci is making Perfect Fuel Chocolate for an active lifestyle

58: Elizabeth Henderson is working for The Future of Sustainable Organic Farming

61: Nicolas Warren, Perfect Fuel Chocolate – How to make chocolate healthy

65: Sean O’Keefe, Event Planner – From Celebrity Chef to Star Event Planner

70: Bill Bentley, Productive Self – Talks how to recover from a productivity crash

71: Graham Wright went from Chemistry PhD to Artistic Tribe Leader at Opus Affair

80: Matt Hawkins, CEO of Top Cow Productions – A science guy turned comic guy

108: Irem Eren, Marketing Director at Ayza – Turkey, Wine, and Chocolate

122: Keith Chow, Founder, Nerds of Color – Revealing Secret Identities

136: How Bonnie Burgett Became an Entrepreneur in Crowdsourcing Real Estate

138: LSU Star Joyce Walker on overcoming alcoholism and coaching basketball

139: Vegan TV producer and filmmaker Betsy Carson talks making it in tv and why she loves vegan recipes

144: How to repurpose lab equipment and use corporate sales skills to make a difference with Susan Murphy-Warren of Seeding Labs

148: Body jewelry and small business incubation with entrepreneur Melissa Tyler

149: Dealing with infertility and finding a meaningful career with Camille Preston

153: How to read customer minds with Joseph Carrabis

137: Rewarding people for using clean power with Tess O’Brien

28: Chris Tkach ditched six figures to make Idle Hands Craft Ales


3: Jesse Kornbluth is the butler for your head

4: Bob Sutton has rules for no assholes and wants to scale up excellence

5: Gretchen Rubin, NY Times best seller is talking Happiness project

6: Kylie Ofiu overcomes domestic abuse, homelessness and her finances

10: Peter Sims found his true north by making little bets  

20: Marci Alboher a writer/tv personality popularized slashing has encore careers lined up

30: Chris O’Leary goes from studying classics to busboy to restaurant expert

34: Jay Forte overcomes identity crisis and death to find his greatness zone

41: Lisa Cron talks about the Science of Story

45: Jonell Galloway is a Rambling Epicure, food writer and adventurer

50: Gareth Jones blue collar gastronomist in search of taste

51: Susan Arendt Joystiq Managing Editor queen of video game writers

60: Dahled Jeffries is a Slam Poet – How to Succeed as a Poet

62: Zev Robinson is a Documentary Filmmaker who talks about Where wine comes from

63: Quiana Agbai is the Blogger of Harlem Love Birds

67: Ann Handley, founder of Marketing Profs, talks about Content Marketing

72: Greg Tung is the head of Scare Yourself Every Day blog

77: Phil LaDuke, Safety Writer, Author and Consultant – A True Entrepreneur

88: Connie Allen, Professional Blackjack Dealer – “Casino Through a Dealer’s Eyes”

94: Ryan Ferrier, Comic Book Writer and Letterer – How to succeed as a comic book writer

101: Kristy Bromberg, Author – Soccer mom Driven to sexy stories

102: Kyra Davis, Author – From single mom to Best Selling author

116: Marsha Wright, Strategic Alliance Expert – Greetings from Thailand

118: Alex Weaver, Managing Editor, BostonInno – A young Don Draper

119: Claire Cook, Author, Must Love Dogs – Must Love Reinvention

129: How Ani Alexander, an Armenian immigrant, became a bestselling author by storytelling in her non-native language

133: Struggles of growing up as a tall woman with Height of Style founder Kacy Karlen

147: How to quilt online with Cheryl Brown

152: Tatyana Brown, poet and educator – From $17.83 in the bank to artistic success

154: College dropout Kanye would love – Poet Danny Strack

155: Poet Dan Gallant, Reviving a dormant brand- Nuyorican Poets Cafe

Performing (Podcaster)

2: Lian Dolan chaos chronicles chatting with 4 satellite sisters every week

7: Mike Mataluni is a Kick Ass Dad

11: Kenn Blanchard is a Black Man with a Gun and so much more

14: Mignon Fogarty is Grammar Girl and awesome

23: Erica Wheeler uses music to give us a sense of place

26: Rob Walch saved his life and career with podcasts at Libsyn

36: Charles McFall is a Success Freak who learn how to make a living with integrity

53: Guillaume Veillette is a translator by day and video game journalist by night

55: Eric Zimmer, The One You Feed Podcast – overcome addiction towards success

56: Raheem Jarbo aka Mega Ran teacher turned video game rapper

59: Rick Younger is an Actor and Comedian – He Tells All

66: Dave Jackson – School of Podcasting, Advice from an OG Podcaster

68:Barbara Beach is A Renaissance Woman at Radioactive Broadcasting

73: Orlando Baxter is a Comedian and Teacher – The Positive Pushups Man

74: Krysta Youngs, Singer and Song Writer – Ryan Tedder with a Vagina

75: Mehran Khaghani is a Comedian – “Look, Ma no Hands”

109: Eric Tivers, ADHD Expert and Podcaster – ADHD Rewired Superstar

130: How Monica RW Became the Host of Independent Underground – A Successful Political Podcast Show


35: Bob Hannum molding bodies with Pilates and molding sculptures

40: Scott McCabe – Making funny films a business

79: Jamar Nicholas, Comic Artist and Educator – The Unicorn

86: Thomas Yeates, Comic Book Illustrator – Zorro’s Price Valiant Swamp Thing

87: Mark McKenna, Comic Book Artist – He’s Done Everything

91: Ashley Woods, Illustrator and Graphic Novelist – Inspired by Capcom and Anime

95: Afua Richardson, Comic Book Artist and Singer – Jane of all trades

97: Emily Goodstein, Birth Photographer or Birthographer – Shooting Babies

110: Hannah Engelson, Film Director – Why Jonah Stands Up from Muscular Dystrophy

125: Latoya Burton, Interior Designer – Life changing Australian Walkabout

141: Artist Angel Mendoza on childhood mentorship, career fulfillment, and Mesoamerican art

142: Filmmaker, acting coach, and wrestling aficionado Mike Messier

120: Virginia Kuhn, Professor, Cinematic Arts, USC – New Film Frontier


8: Sherry Carver is helping blended through divorce

21: Ernest DuBose lawyer and US Army vet makes a difference in New York family law

22: Fran Seegull is disrupting traditional philanthropy with impact investing

25: Rick Muhr 31 marathons $65M raised 1,000s of lives changed

39: Doug Ammar – Lawyer Doing Social Justice with compassion

46: Elatia Harris expands her palette and her mind around the world

52: Greg Lesky Drinkbox Games talks Guacamelee and AAA to indie games

81: Benjamin Mee, Zoo Director at Dartmoor – We Bought a Zoo

82: Zorina Galis, Chief Vascular Biology and Hypertension Branch, NIH

83: Gina Kinzley is Lead Elephant Keeper at Oakland Zoo – Make way for Elephants

84: Robert Hilsenroth, Executive Director American Association of Zoo Veterinarians – Zoo Vet Champion

89: Sherrie Hines, Public Defender – Lawyer Karate Teacher and Advocate

90: Robert Wicks, Author, Psychologist – How to overcome trauma

92: David Keevil, Psychologist and Artist – ADHD is a super power

96: Kristina Kaiser, Pastor and Filmmaker – Cinematic Preacher

98: Donna Christensen, Congresswoman US Representative for Virgin Islands – Doctor turned Congressperson

99: Scott Barton, Chef and Food Historian – The Food Griot

103: Kelly Urbanik, Winemaker – Macari Vineyards, The Chemistry of Winemaking

104: Banks White, Chef de Cuisine at Minton – Cooking Up Harlem Renaissance

106: Michael Willis, Surfing Legend – Speaking to a Sea God

113: Dante Bartolomeo, State Connecticut State Senator – Accidental Politician

124: Scott Herman – MTV Real World to Youtube Fitness Star

134: How to become a life coach and build a new boarding school in Chicago

135: How to overcome stress related illness with Jin Ho Kim