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Dave Jackson

Interview: How to create your own podcast with Dave Jackson

Dave Jackson teaches at his startup, School of Podcasting, which gives students various ways to learn how to begin their own podcasts. He has also featured step-by-step tutorials and introduced a new series called, Ask the Podcast Coach. His websie is everything you need to successfully launch your own podcast.

Below is a summary of our interview:


“Give me six hours to chop down a tree, I’ll spend the first four sharpening the axe.” – Abraham Lincoln

His Journey

Dave’s experience had been in teaching computers for over 20 years and had been building websites. His friend came back from an internet marketing convention and said so Dave asked “what’s a podcasting?” and he googled it. But there was nothing on it. So to put one together, he finally uploaded an audio he created and downloaded it. His hobbies is music and guitar playing. For Dave, podcasting was creative and it let him get his geek on and his teaching. Back in 2005, he built a membership site, and launched the School Podcasting and walked them through the process of creating a podcast.

A Low Point

Once, Dave had done one podcast that he started with his wife and didn’t go anywhere called “Dates from Hell”. The idea was that they had a lot dates that didn’t go too well before they met each other and people can call in with their bad stories. However, they ran out of stories after 4 episodes…but they wanted the audience to be their supply of stories, but that’s a bad ideas because Dave didn’t have any followers yet. His other lesson was research your market a little more.

Aha Moment

When Dave started to receive feedback from others whom he had helped who started their podcasts, say I interviewed this person, hero, on my podcast and they couldn’t have done it without joining Dave’s school. So as a teacher, you want to see your student leave the room with more skill than they showed up. That’s when he became addicted.

Dave’s work now  

Dave Jackson’s School of Podcasting is doing very varied work. Dave has his fingers in a lot of pies. He does a live show on Saturday called, Ask the Podcast Coach.

What’s exciting Dave now

He is trying to discover new podcasts. And he figured he wanted names, not numbers.  By getting to know the person, emails are exchanged, you get a conversation going by making a connection on a personal level and your audience becomes your sales force, your cheerleaders. He’s still involved in a lot of forums such as Facebook and Twitter.

Lightning Round

Book Dave Recommends:  Crush It!: Why NOW Is the Time to Cash In on Your Passion

Helpful Habit:  Going on Google Communities.

Helpful Person:  Dave’s high school teacher, Mr. Boggs.

Internet Resource:  Google Communities

What’s Your Purpose:  Dave said he always tries to leave wherever he is better than when he showed up.  When he worked his paper route, he was the guy who left the paper in the door.

Where to follow Dave

His website, SchoolofPodcasting.com and

Twitter: www.twitter/learntopodcast

Parting Words

In Dave’s words, “you can’t improve something until you start it.” Basically, you’re not going to know you’re any good at something until you try.

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