Consumer insight marketer journey with Lianne Wade

Consumer insight marketing

Lianne Wade (@liannewade) was a young girl who loved psychology and marketing. Today she is the Director of Customer Insights at Wilde Agency, a marketing firm focused on using the science of human behavior to help their clients perform.

She has honed her marketing skills at Digitas and Arnold Worldwide.

In this interview, we chat about starting her career as a single mom, her involvement with the Ice Bucket Challenge, marketing insights into customer behavior, and — how she got familiar with a certain McDonald’s character costume.

Below is a summary of our interview:


What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

We’re all storytellers – John Legend

Lessons from the interview


1. How to use data driven marketing and still be authentic

2. The factors that made the Ice Bucket Challenge successful

3. 3 things nonprofits should do to get ready for a viral campaign

Special Bonus

We’ve included all the resources Lianne mentioned in his interview just for you. You’ll receive a copy of Lianne’s full presentation slides from the Association of Fundraising Professionals of MA annual meeting on how ALS responded to the Ice Bucket Challenge, a visual timeline of the campaign and how they’ve continued the challenge after the initial craze.

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