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Connie Allen

Interview: How to Be a Casino Champ with Connie Allen

Connie Allen is a professional author of The Casino Through A Dealer’s Eyes. She was a blackjack dealer for over 10 years, who decided to write a book, called The Casino through A Dealer’s Eyes. Her dream was to write a book on tips and ways to save your money at the casino. Now she is a published author.

Below is a summary of our interview:


Connie said “Never give up.” Your dream will come true if you keep pursuing it.

Her Journey

Connie went to work after high school like many people her age. She didn’t get a chance to go to college, but as the years played on, she went into many different positions. At an insurance firm, she created her own department which is still there today. Also, she was involved in softball and ran men and women’s volleyball tournaments.  Then became a domestic housewife. Then the opportunity to work in a casino, as a blackjack dealer opened up.  She went to school for it, learned how to be a blackjack dealer. She was lucky enough where a casino opened up in Indiana and had worked there for 16 years. Two years ago, she decided to become an author and write her book, which is out now, called The Casino through A Dealer’s Eyes.

A Low Point

She wanted to be an entrepreneur for a long time. But she didn’t have what it took to be one. She was left feeling like she failed. It didn’t dawn on her that a particular entrepreneurship wasn’t for her.

Aha Moment

She discusses when she finally made her book and published it, Connie shared it with fellow dealers, and said they wished they had thought of writing a book on their knowledge.

Connie’s work now

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In her book, she takes you through the game of blackjack, the pros and cons of the casino, and tips for the beginners of games such as Black Jack, Spanish 21 and Four Card Poker, to name a few. She recommends how to look for the right table, how to spend your money wisely, how to look for a table that is in your favor. She gives us secret black jack tricks and tips in saving your money and keeping your chips longer.

What’s exciting Connie now

Her book may be a best seller because it outshines just about any other casino book out there. But it takes time and word of mouth marketing before it becomes popular. She watched her novice player struggle and just said it’s time to give someone advice as a black jack dealer. She feels everything she says is truthful.

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Lightning Round

Book Connie Recommends:

She isn’t a real reader, but she would’ve recommended her book on Amazon.

Here’s our recommendation:

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Trivia: there was an actor who was actually banned from playing Blackjack in a Las Vegas Casino. Who was it?

Hint: it’s the actor starring in Gone Girl.

Helpful Habit:

Just always stay happy. Don’t get mad at people so often.

Helpful Person:

The schooling she had was helpful. The day they opened up in 1996, she was there, and she couldn’t really ask for anyone for help.

Internet Resource:

Just her book. Fortunately.

What’s Your Purpose:

She feels that her mission is to help one other person.

Where to follow Connie and Parting Words

Go on Amazon to search for her book. To find out more about the book, visit her website.

Connie wrote the book to provide helpful information for others through her book, The Casino Through A Dealer’s Eyes

An awesome way to spread the word

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