Chris O'Leary marketing and SEO specialist for restaurants

Chris O’Leary

EpiCurius in life and career

Chris O’Leary followed his dreams from NBA basketball to classics to writing about Italian cuisine to finally marketing restaurants in London. We go through his journey from Bowdoin College in Maine to all points European.

Find out which team has replaced formerly beloved New York Knicks and learn about his journey.

Below is a summary of our interview:


We were walking by the seaside. As one who thinks about life, who goes strong in heart but weak in body – Rough Italian translation

His Journey

We chat about Chris’s journey throughout Italy’s wine scene to his ultimate landing spot in London marketing restaurants.

Low Point

Chris goes into his struggles to find a job after getting his Masters degree in 2008’s financial crisis.

Aha Moment

Chris recounts how he started with traditional marketing for a client then dramatically changed their results positively with online marketing and search engine optimization.


What’ Exciting Chris

Chris is offering something unique to London restaurants that big firms are not providing via new marketing methods.

Lightning Round

Book Chris Recommends: Mythologies by Roland Barthes

Helpful Internet Resource: Mailchimp

Helpful People: His wife

Helpful Habit: Staying physically fit which helps him stay mentally sharp

What’s his Purpose: Make himself happy and make his family happy.

How to follow Chris

Linkedin: Chris O’Leary

Twitter: @ChrisEpicurius

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Parting Words

Take a step back from your profession. Consider what is it you really want to do.

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