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Farnoosh Brock- From Working Class To Free Business Women


Suelin ChenHow To Enjoy The End Of Life (1)


Farnoosh Brock is a powerful and influential business women who got her start at Fortune 100. Now she runs her own business as a coach to other entrepreneurs like herself. 


In this interview, we go over how Farnoosh started her business, what inspired her to do so and even some of her obstacles she overcame.



“I started a journey of self-discovery which took a long time because i’m pretty impatient”

3 Lessons:

  1. How To Use Your Creativity To Be Your Own Boss
  2. How To Use Your Passion To Fuel Your Business
  3. Succesful Ways To Start Your Own Business

David Brown Part 1- How To Be A Succesful Businessman

David Brown is a “rebel without a clue” and a private investor. Top knotch colleges and jobs make David Brown stand out. 

In this interview we talk about his college background, his time on Wall Street and even his experience as an investor.





“you don’t live your lifestyle on what you think you’re gonna be, you live your lifestyle on what you are”

3 Lessons:

  1. How to invest your time wisely
  2. How to succeed with partners and collaboration
  3. How to get the most job experience using critical thinking

Book Mentioned: Clayton Christensen: How We Will Measure Your Life


From the world’s leading thinker on innovation and New York Times bestselling author of The Innovator’s Dilemma, Clayton M. Christensen, comes an unconventional book of inspiration and wisdom for achieving a fulfilling life. Christensen’s The Innovator’s Dilemma, notably the only business book that Apple’s Steve Jobs said “deeply influenced” him, is widely recognized as one of the most significant business books ever published. Now, in the tradition of Randy Pausch’s The Last Lecture and Anna Quindlen’s A Short Guide to a Happy Life, Christensen’s How Will You Measure Your Life is with a book of lucid observations and penetrating insights designed to help any reader—student or teacher, mid-career professional or retiree, parent or child—forge their own paths to fulfillment.

Alexandra Marquez- From A Love Of Fashion To A Successful Business

Alex Marquez-From A Love OfFashion To A Successful Business



Alexandra Marquez started off with a love for fashion, then blossomed into a succesful business women on Poshmark. Going from a simple love of fashion to making thousands a day wasn’t easy but Alexandra shows that anything is possible.


“work hard and be nice to people… it’s really important to me”

3 Lessons:

  1. How To Use Patience As A Tool For Success
  2. How To Achieve Any Dream You Have
  3. How To Turn A Passion Into A Business


Book Mentioned:


Margaret Butler -Olympian Runner Change’s African Girls Lives


Alex Marquez-From A Love OfFashion To A Successful Business (2)


Margaret Butler is the Executive Director of Komera an organization that works to empower women through educaiton and running. Margaret is nothing short of fast and the furious as she uses her olympic background to empower women in Africa.

In this interview, we go over the many ways Margaret Butler empowers women as well as how to be a support system for these women and even her journey to creating Komera.



Below is a summary of our interview:



“You’re only as good as your team and the people you serve.”


3 Lessons Learned

  1. How to empower women to gain confidence
  2. How to support women meaningfilly through education
  3. How to encourage women through education and running

Suelin Chen- How To Enjoy The End Of Life

Suelin ChenHow To Enjoy The End Of Life


Suelin is sassy, smart and a lover of the arts. She devotes her time to her organization geared toward helping people plan the end of their life, while still enjoying it.


In this interview we talk about end of life planning, how to take a passion and turn it into a business and all about being successful in the business world.





“not just focus on planning but focus on enjoying the moment”

3 lessons:

  1. How To Keep Fighting On
  2. Using The Right Resources To Help Others
  3. How To Live A High Quality Life


Book Mentioned: