Cara Bradley yoga teacher training elite athletes at Verge Yoga

Cara Bradley

Cara Bradley is a figure skater, runner, and investment banker. She has found purpose in Verge Yoga her studio in suburban Philadelphia and Verge Athlete that offers mental strength training and yoga programs to elite athletes including professional and college sports teams. We talk about her awesome journey.

Below is a summary of our interview:


You are a blink of an eye away form being awake – Pema Chodron

Her Journey

We track Cara’s journey from Brooklyn, NY to all her various careers as a serial entrepreneur.

Low Point

We talked about Cara’s failed venture into skatewear with Nordstroms.

Aha Moment

Cara discusses how she finally discovered that she was successful

Cara’s work at Verge Yoga

We go into the nitty gritty of how Cara convinces football players and other elite athletes to train with yoga.

What’s Exciting Cara

Cara’s book Soul Fource: Find Your Focus. Awake Your Potential.

Verge Inspire: Training teachers to offer mindfulness and yoga to urban youth with Holistic Life Foundation

Please contribute to their Indie Gogo campaign to raise funds for the program:

Lightning Round

Book Cara Recommends: The Power of Now

Helpful Habit: Gratitude practice – Reminds herself what she is grateful for every day

Internet Resource: Sounds True Podcast

Helpful Person: A person that handed her $400 to stop living from a place of scarcity

What’s Her Purpose: Here to help others see their greatness

How to follow Cara 

Verge Yoga Website

Cara’s Blog

Verge Yoga on Facebook

Twitter: @carabradley16 and @vergeyoga 

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Parting Words

We are all incredibly powerful and magnificent. When we can see that in others the world will come to a halt…See the light in others.

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