Bonnie Burgett

Interview: How Bonnie Burgett Became an Entrepreneur in Crowdsourcing Real Estate

Bonnie Burgett followed her passion for real estate and entrepreneurship despite feeling lost due to rough times both in the real estate market and her personal life. She is now the co-founder of SourcedCapital – a premier crowdsourcing site for informed real estate investing. Learn about her journey to becoming an entrepreneur in this episode.


Quote of the Day

bonnie burgett


3 Lessons from Interview 

  1. Don’t let times of hardship discourage you from achieving your dreams

  2. The benefits of crowdsourcing real estate

  3. How having a great intern can be so helpful


Featured Book

The Death and Life of Great American Cities by Jane Jacobs

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Getting to Know Bonnie Burgett

What is a Helpful Habit?

Making her bed everyday (Bonnie’s been doing it every day since she was six!)

What is a Helpful Resource for You?

Feedly – All the important news headlines into one site

Who is a Helpful Person that Helped You on Your Journey?

Bonnie’s mom

What is Your Purpose on this Planet?

To the best she can do and to live a happy life

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