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Teacher turned writer picks fights for education equality

Changing America education system Conor Williams

Conor Williams has ideas on how to change the US education system. His ideas have been published in Washington Post, The New Republic, The Daily Beast, The Atlantic, U.S. News and World Report, Talking Points Memo in addition to several other publications.

His experience as a first grade teacher showed him the challenges of learning for students with English as a second language. Conor is now the founding director of New America’s Dual Language Learner National Work Group. His work addresses policies and practices related to educational equity, dual language learners, and school choice.

In this interview, we discuss changing the US education system, Teach for America, charter schools, and how he has made a career picking fights.

Below is a summary of our interview:


“Achieving our Country (A country is not a place but a state of being)”

Lessons from the interview

1. Why Teach for America gets an elitist reputation (and how it’s not true)
2. How White privilege is affecting school choice (including kicking poor students out of good schools)
3. How bilingual / dual language students perform better than native born American students

Special Bonus

We’ve put together all the resources from Conor mentioned in his interview just for you. Including links to 3 of his most controversial articles. Just click the box below to get the resources instantly.