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Exposing sexual violence in India with Meera Vijayann

Meera Vijayan exposing sexual violence in India

Meera Vijiyan (@meeravijayan) is the telling the stories of rape and gender based sexual violence all over India. Her award winning work has been featured in publications like CNN, Huffington Post, and the Guardian.

In this interview, we chat about how Meera is putting herself in harm’s warm way with her reporting, the event that pushed her to start her journey, and the next steps in bringing more awareness to sexual violence.

Below is a summary of our interview:


Courage is not the absence of fear. It’s the acknowledgement that something else is more important than fear.

Lessons from the interview


1. How the infamous 2012 gang rape case in Delhi changed her life

2. How she used online channels to bring more attention to sexual violence

3. When she knew her reports were making a difference in people’s lives

Meera’s featured book

Identity and Violence
Identity and violence by Amartya Sen (Nobel Prize Winner)

In this sweeping philosophical work, Amartya Sen proposes that the murderous violence that has riven our society is driven as much by confusion as by inescapable hatred. Challenging the reductionist division of people by race, religion, and class, Sen presents an inspiring vision of a world that can be made to move toward peace as firmly as it has spiraled in recent years toward brutality and war.

Overcoming FEAR: A 40 Day Experiment

Crossing the frosty river of your fearsCrossing the Delaware

George Washington crossed the Delaware River in order to sneak attack the British and change the tide of the US revolutionary war.

It was a huge risk with no guaranteed payoff that reminds me of my struggle with fear.

Just imagine Washington’s situation. It’s Christmas Day. The river you want to cross has mini icebergs all over it. Morale’s been low because the Patriots got their butts kicked in battles for New York.

His army had 4–6k soldiers who were supposed to join him. Over 1,700 of the men became unfit for battle. There were 2,000 other soldiers who couldn’t join him under command of General Haratio Gates and General Charles Lee.

Gates and his soldiers were a caught in a huge snow storm. Lee just hated Washington and couldn’t stand following his orders.

How could Washington not fear the uncertainty of the outcome?


I am writing this on Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent season. During Lent, you’re supposed to fast or give something up for 40 days until Easter Sunday.

What I am giving up for Lent?



For me, fear has appeared very real.

I have been the guy who takes massive action early on then gets paralyzed by a roadblock.

My fear of what will happen if I fail has consistently outpaced my courage to keep going towards my goal.

Fear at Work

In my work, recent failures have fueled my fear. They’ve made me feel like I am destined to fail.

Success Groups: I started a series of mastermind groups via which participants loved but did not want to pay for. After 6 months, I got stuck.

Podcast Consulting: I have been approached by several other nonprofit organizations about helping them setup podcasts.

After the initial meetings, the organizations get caught back up in their work and I am stuck waiting. I follow up and get a response weeks later.

Scream Club: I went 7,000 miles by bus to 11 cities across the US talking to create supporters for a community of entrepreneurs who wanted to fight workplace stress and anxiety.

I am now stuck on how to get the right influential people onboard to make it work.

The central question in my mind is how much effort should I dedicate to a given objective if the outcome is uncertain?

Consequences of Fear Stopping You

Fears have made me a lesser version of myself.

FEAR Stopping You

I am less confident, less spontaneous, less able to lead.

Intimacy in my marriage is affected because half the time I am zoned out thinking about things I couldn’t accomplish.

I have friends that I don’t want even want to talk to because my proverbial doo-doo stinks — a lot.

The effects are felt beyond my friends and family. There are so many people that I can help with my gifts, that are not being reached.

Fear has made me a hollow, less full, less present version of myself.

Taking the “Leap of Faith”

My church calls the Lent season “Leap of Faith” where we focus on praying for a big breakthrough for ourselves and others.

I am so sick and tired of getting stopped by roadblocks that I am taking a YUGE leap of faith for the next 40 days.

This leap of faith season my focus is going to be taking the big risks needed towards some really scary goals.

Some of the goals will be towards my personal development. There will be other goals oriented towards helping other people overcome their fears.

Leap of Faith Goals

Go on one date per week with my wife

Get 5 Millionaire Mentors for Scream Club who have bootstrapped growth to $1M annual revenue

Help 2 other people create professional breakthroughs


To take my leap goals to the next level, I will be conducting several experiments in areas where I know I need to improve. The experiments will be a way for me to test how to make massive changes in a relatively short period of time.

Here are some the personal growth experiments I will be working on:

Living Intentionally and On Purpose

Getting More Things Done

Creating Meaningful Relationships

Learning How to Seek Help

Learning How to Make Money

As I write this, my right leg is trembling vigorously. I am shook!

Always a good sign.

How to create accountability towards your growth — Learning Out Loud

In order for all this to stick, I have to make the goals public.

That’s part of the reason I am writing this post.

Bryan Harris from Videofruit calls it ‘Learning out loud’.

If I fail, at the very least, I will learn something. Maybe you’ll learn something too.

Each week, I will be making drastic changes to my life via personal growth experiments then sharing the results with you.


I am no George Washington but I am going try my best to cross the frosty cold waters of my fears.

Life altering milestones are on the other side.

What fears do you want to overcome?

If you want to follow my journey and try these experiments for yourself, just email me

Consumer insight marketer journey with Lianne Wade

Consumer insight marketing

Lianne Wade (@liannewade) was a young girl who loved psychology and marketing. Today she is the Director of Customer Insights at Wilde Agency, a marketing firm focused on using the science of human behavior to help their clients perform.

She has honed her marketing skills at Digitas and Arnold Worldwide.

In this interview, we chat about starting her career as a single mom, her involvement with the Ice Bucket Challenge, marketing insights into customer behavior, and — how she got familiar with a certain McDonald’s character costume.

Below is a summary of our interview:


What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

We’re all storytellers – John Legend

Lessons from the interview


1. How to use data driven marketing and still be authentic

2. The factors that made the Ice Bucket Challenge successful

3. 3 things nonprofits should do to get ready for a viral campaign

Special Bonus

We’ve included all the resources Lianne mentioned in his interview just for you. You’ll receive a copy of Lianne’s full presentation slides from the Association of Fundraising Professionals of MA annual meeting on how ALS responded to the Ice Bucket Challenge, a visual timeline of the campaign and how they’ve continued the challenge after the initial craze.

Lynn Aaronson Ice Bucket Challenge

Managing the Ice Bucket Challenge and Career Challenges with Lynn Aaronson

Lynn Aaronson Ice Bucket Challenge

Lynn Aaronson is more than the woman who helped ALS work through the Ice Bucket Challenge. She is the Executive Director of the Massachusetts chapter and a successful nonprofit executive for 20+ years.

When the US economy tanked in in 2009 she became unemployed for 17 months. An experience that taught her a lot about what really matters in her life.

In this interview, how her experience being unemployed changed the ALS hiring, we discuss how she tackled the Ice Bucket Challenge before and after the campaign, how she turned around the ALS Massachusetts chapter financial stability.

Below is a summary of our interview:


The best is yet to come – Lynn’s older brother

You can never get time back – Lynn’s father

Lessons from the interview

1. How Lynn and ALS MA handled negative backlash from the Ice Bucket Challenge campaign

2. How ALS continued the Ice Bucket Challege after the initial craze

3. What Lynn learned from her time as an unemployed executive

Special Bonus

We’ve included all the resources Lynn mentioned in his interview just for you. You’ll receive a copy of Lynn’s full presentation slides from the Association of Fundraising Professionals of MA annual meeting on how ALS responded to the Ice Bucket Challenge, a visual timeline of the campaign and how they’ve continued the challenge after the initial craze.

From flat broke to successful business woman with Katherine Keller

Katherine Keller page

In 2008 Katherine Keller went from corporate marketing job married with children to divorce and too broke to pay the light bills as a single parent. She has since been able to take the steps to build a successful business and life.

Katherine now runs Katherine Keller International, an online marketing, branding, copywriting and graphic design agency. She also works with small business entrepreneurs, building their success mindset and overcoming fears. She is also featured writer for

In this interview, we discuss what Katherine did to get up from rock bottom, share business advice on entrepreneur overwhelm, copywriting, graphic design, branding and how to successfully manage your time.

Below is a summary of our interview:


“Our decisions shape our destiny” – Tony Robbins

Lessons from the interview

1. How to recover from divorce with children
2. How to budget your time (and avoid ‘time wasters’) as an entrepreneur
3. The mistakes entrepreneurs make in copywriting

Special Bonus

We’ve put together all the resources from Katherine mentioned in his interview just for you. Katherine has a live business training to share with Purpose Rockstar listeners for free. Just click the box below to get the resources instantly.