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Interview: How to be a “Super Unicorn” with Ashley Woods

Ashley Woods is a “super unicorn” because she is a black female illustrator in the comics industry. Most of her style is inspired by anime. She is the creator of the comic, ‘Millennia War’ which has a new issue due out soon.

Below is a summary of our interview:


From an anime: “Hard work and guts.” It basically tells you what you need to do to get ahead.

Her Journey

“Little Ashley” was rambunctious. She got into comics because her mother introduced Ashley to it. She was exposed to various different things. At an early age of 5, she was drawing. It was almost destiny that she was born an artist. It helped her tone her style from an early age.  She was steadfast and stayed true to who she was. In Chicago, she saw people who gave up and saw that it’s hard to keep going.  She tried to show different classmates her work, but they thought it was weird. So she kept her art to herself. Capcom is a style she really liked.  But she had to choose between comics reflecting the Western world or Anime. She read a lot of X-Men and J. Scott Campbell. That really inspired her. She started with Millennia War and published it back in 2006. And she didn’t start selling it until a comic convention in Chicago in August 2006. An illustrator and colorist named Brian Stelfreeze had inspired her to start adding color.

A Low Point

Three or four issues into Millennia War, she faced some walls and potholes, and had to think. She needed to take her time, so she could fix those potholes in the subsequent issues. When she met fans, some of them had hurt her or didn’t understand her work. That was also another struggle for her. If some people came at her aggressively, she defended herself and her work.

Aha Moment

She was just having fun, doing what she wanted to do. Wasn’t thinking about money or fame. When she received all the love and those who kept pushing her – friends, family, and strangers alike. They encouraged her after she had found her passion.

What’s Exciting Ashley now 

Her new book, Karaoke Blue, is on the horizon. It’s something that is not the usual from her and it’s rated R. And the next issue of Millennia War, Issue #7.

Lightning Round

Book Ashley Recommends:

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There are other volumes as well.

Helpful Habit:

Waking up, doing DDR, and some exercise, then she just jumps straight into her work. Write down everything you want to do.

Helpful Person:

Gray Williamson, who’s a great artist.  Of course, her mom, whom she gives a shout out to.

Internet Resource:


What’s Your Purpose:

She first thought she should live out her life to be a good artist. It’s good to do what you want, but understand what you do affects others. Ashley hopes she can inspire some people and that people walk away feeling uplifted.

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Where to follow Ashley


Find her art on Tumblr and Facebook.

Parting Words
Don’t try to live a perfect life, don’t beat yourself up when you mess up. You’re gonna mess up, just go with the flow and give it your best and keep doing what you’re doing cause you love it.

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