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Ann Handley

Interview: How to become a Content Marketing Expert with Ann Handley

Ann Handley is the Chief Content Officer of MarketingProfs whose main work as an editor helps companies build content for their customers using social media, podcasts, blogs, and more. She is also a columnist for Entrepreneur magazine, a keynote speaker, and writer of her own website

Below is a summary of our interview:


“Do things that scare you.”

Her Journey

As the youngest of 4 children, she was the mascot of her family. She was a child who was fearful of everything. Imagine going from a young girl terrified of everything to a Chief Content Officer of Marketing Profs. That began when she went to school for Journalism and worked at newspapers and magazines. Freelancer at the Boston Globe. Newspapers started to decline…she couldn’t cover the stories anymore in the late 90’s and internet marketing started to grow, so she transitioned from publishing newspapers and magazines to publishing online and she launched a website,

A Low Point

After she sold, she couldn’t work in the internet marketing industry for 2 years. Her initial love was writing. It’s how she communicates best.  It was during this period, she had to decide what to do, she was unemployed, and she had to do some soul searching, and had to ask, “What now?”

Aha Moment

When Ann thought of content, she just thought it was was editorial and articles. Suddenly, she started hearing about content and realized that the meaning behind the word ‘content’ was what she had been doing her whole life, building relationships and your connections.  It never occurred to Ann, she had a niche in the content marketing business.

Ann’s work now  

MarketingProfs is a learning and training company that helps marketers learn how to use tools to market their business better using content and social media.  She wants to see how people relate to this book. The biggest struggle that she has in writing a book is how huge it is. It requires a lot of determination. And watching Scandal on Netflix makes her a terrible procrastinator, but her work ethic is strong.

What’s exciting Ann now

Her new upcoming book is in the foreground of her mind as she wanted to write a writing book for marketers and business. As a reporter and a writer, she thought there were some good things to use from journalism and put it into content marketing.

Lightning Round

Book Ann Recommends:

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Helpful Habit:

Taking her dog for a walk allows Ann to think about what she will write, and as soon as she gets home, she starts writing.

Helpful Person:

Ann’s first boss was a really great mentor. She reinforced the decision for Ann to do things that scare her. Her parents were wonderful, but getting someone outside of that who believes in you is important.

Internet Resource:

Listening on Twitter and just seeing what people are talking about.

What’s Your Purpose:

Ann thinks her purpose is to make the world a tiny bit better and helping her children be the people they wanted to be.

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Where to follow Ann

Ann’s website:

Parting Words

Ann’s words of wisdom is thankful to have made a connection with Derrick Duplessy and his support.

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