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Adam Teeter

Interview: How to bring passion to a holiday with Adam Teeter of Vine Pair

Adam Teeter is the co-Founder of Vine Pair, a site that makes wine easy to understand for millennials. You will learn about wine, music, and what passion looks like on a Friday afternoon before a holiday weekend. LISTEN.

Below is a summary of our interview:


“I wish you everything you wish yourself” – Adam’s mom

The Journey

Adam grew up in a small town in Auburn, AL where his parents were professors for Auburn University. When he was of age he moved to Emory Univerity in Atlanta majoring in journalism and political science.

After school, he moved to the East Village of New York to follow the woman he loved.

Music A&R
Adam started doing work for the Brooklyn Philharmonic Orchestera as a marketing and PR strategist. After 2 1/2 years, he was offered a job with now defunct record company J-Dub Records doing A&R (artist and repetoire) and marketing.

Malthus Yahoo and Balkan Beat Box were groups under label.

B School 
Soon enough he discovered he want to build a company himself. He had a whole bunch of ideas but he had no skills to make them a reality.

He enrolled at the Stern School to get his MBA to become knowledgeable about business. At Stern, he took the three year route, in an intense schedule where he left work to take classes at 6pm at night.

Building VinePair

While at school Adam started to turn his entrepreneurial attention to wine. Wanting to make wine unpretentious, he decided he wanted to do something to educate millennials about wine.

Low Point

At age 23, Adam thought he had all the answers. He started his own PR firm for musicians. He worked with a lot of musicians who did not pay him (contracts are important) and he realized he didn’t have a lot of skills he needed to succeed.

Aha Moment

Vine Pair created an infographic that got them on the front page of Digg and brought thousands of visitors to their site.

The Work

In A Phrase: Vine Pair is the content hub to learn and be entertained about wine.

Adam runs Vine Pair with college friend, Josh Malin. Josh is the tech guy and designed the website. Vine Pair has many staff writers who are demystify number ratings and all the esoteric things people associate with wine.

You MUST listen to this

Adam explains how the term A&R was created in record companies. Also, Adam breaks down exactly how a new person to wine can understand it. It’s incredible 🙂

*Bonus Article*

Article discussing how sommeliers are getting pushed out by wine collectors

Lightning Round

Books Adam Recommends

Adventures on the Wine Route by Kermit Lynch

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Helpful Habit:

Get one big task done every day

Helpful Person:

His wife, Naomi

Internet Resource

Vine Pair runs everything on Google (docs and all their apps)

What’s Your Purpose

Make an impact. Change things. It’s not about class exclusive access. He wants to open things up.

Where to follow Adam

VinePair Website



Parting Words

Find people who are cheerleaders.

Don’t be afraid to fail. Failure does not mean you cannot do something. Just learn from it and move forward.

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