LaToya Burton

Interview: How LaToya Burton Turned an Australian Walkabout into Twelve-22, an Interior Design Firm

LaToya Burton left her career in San Francisco to look for the “missing piece.” Throughout her walkabout journey, she learned to look within for her purpose. This led LaToya to establish her own interior design firm, Twelve-22, in Australia. She aims to help design interior spaces that help people live a life they dream of.


Quote of the Day

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3 Lessons from Interview

  1. The importance of finding work that is meaningful to you

  2. How traveling alone can open yourself up to many opportunities

  3. How much the space you live, play, work in can impact your life


Featured Book

The Little Book of Sanctuary by Alison Marks; The Art of Pilgrimage by Phil Cousineau

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Getting to Know LaToya Burton

What is a Helpful Habit?

Self-reflection and self-gratitude, as well as making time for breakfast every day

What is a Helpful Resource for You?

Instagram – it’s a great platform to see other people’s creativity

Who is a Helpful Person that Helped You on Your Journey?

LaToya’s husband, Jeremiah Johnson

What is Your Purpose on this Planet?

Helping others create spaces – physical, emotional, and spiritual – for their souls to thrive, that aid and help them make the most out of their lives

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